Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services

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 (Well, maybe not to an old fashioned hand written ledger, just to an electronic equivalent.  But that that wouldn't have looked as good in the photo!)

Chesterfield Bookkeeping - the service

Regular bookkeeping carried out

Financial accounts prepared

VAT100 prepared

Ideal for sole traders, partnerships and small limited companies

Bookkeeping services consists of taking the prime documents of your business and recording them in a way that assigns them to the relevant

categories within income, expenditure, financing and assets and liabilities, numbering them for cross reference, and filling in a meaningful manner.

These prime documents would consist of invoices and receipts relating to outgoings, sales invoices and/or summaries of takings, copies of any business contracts involving regular direct debit payments, plus details of any expenses paid for that are not included in the prime documents.

For VAT registered businesses, VAT will be separated from invoice totals and recorded as input and output tax in a separate control account, allowing tax liabilities to be recorded each quarter.  The VAT100 form will be completed and forwarded to you for you acceptance and authorisation.

Where credit purchases or credit sales form a normal part of the business, separate purchase ledgers and sales ledgers will be maintained for

suppliers and customers to enable easy retrieval of details of outstanding payables and receivables.

All you need to provide are the documents: there is no need for you to fill out spreadsheets or learn to use tricky software.  You just save your documents ready for collection or posting.

At the end of your accounting year, a standard set of financial accounts consisting of Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet and relevant notes, will be prepared from the books plus details of any closing stock. 

Financial accounts

Financial or end of year accounts will be prepared from the books after closing stock (if any) has been provided.  The cost of this is all inclusive with the bookkeeping fee. 

If you prefer to maintain your own books, financial accounts can still be prepared, but the fee will be based on the amount of time taken.

The accounts will be presented in hardcopy and/or electronic form if required.

VAT returns

The cost of preparation of quarterly VAT returns (VAT100) is all inclusive with the bookkeeping fee.  If you prefer to do your own bookkeeping, VAT returns can still be completed provided all the relevant information is readily to hand.  The fee would be based on time taken.