Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services

. . . More than just bookkeeping


This is the really simple part - you don't have to "send" them at all.

You shouldn't have to waste your precious time making up parcels, going down and queuing at the post office, and then later wondering whether you should have sent by special or recorded delivery.


Instead, if you are in Chesterfield, or within an 12 mile radius of Wingerworth, why

not just arrange to have them collected at a mutually convenient time?  Chesterfield

Bookkeeping Services will be happy to do this at absolutely no extra cost.

If you don't live within this radius, don't worry.  It may still be possible to arrange collection, although a fee may be payable.

That's all there is to it.  Simples!


On-site work

Businesses of a certain size have policies that prevent or severely restrict records that can be taken off premises.  Indeed, it would be extremely impractical to bookkeep this way, since the "books" are imbedded in the office infrastructure.

For this reason, Chesterfield bookkeeping Services can carry out bookkeeping duties on your premises.  (Because of the uniqueness of each situation, it is not possible to give a price prior to consultation).