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Why hire a bookkeeper from the world's leading body


for professional bookkeepers?

Selecting the right bookkeeper for your business

is crucial. You need a qualified bookkeeper who

can look after your books properly and, above

all, is someone in whom you can feel confident 

and you think you can get on with.  This is a

very important relationship for both you and

your bookkeeper.

Certified Bookkeepers have qualfied by taking a 

series of examinations that are wholly relevant

to the work that they will do for your business.

As a member of the ICB they are regulated by

the worlds largest bookkeeping organisation

and are committed to robust ethics.  They must

undertake Continuing Professional Development,

to prove to both you and ICB that they are

keeping fully up-to-date with the advances and

changes in the bookkeeping profession.

ICB Bookkeepers are normally mature people who 

have life skills and experience gained over many

years.  The will want to get to know your business

and what hopes and aspirations you have for the

future.  They will be interested in what you do, 

why and for whom.  The more they understand 

your business and share in your enthusiasm for

what you have created, the better they can do

their job for you.

The ICB lays down a strict set of guidelines. 

When your business employs an ICB Certified

Bookkeeper, you can expect the following high


All ICB bookkeepers should be smart,  courteous and business-like.

All ICB bookkeepers should be professional in their approach to managing the finances of your business.

All ICB bookkeepers should talk to you about your business and understand how your business works.

All ICB bookkeepers should be interested in your business and talk to you about your ambitions and future direction.

All ICB bookkeepers will treat everything you tell them as confidential and will discuss the information that they are given, or which they created, with only those persons who you specifically allow them to do (other than if required to do so by the Police, HMRC or if there is concern about the legality of anything that he or she is being asked to do).

All ICB bookkeepers should present your accounts on time and in a format that you understand and can use to further expand and improve your business.

All ICB bookkeepers are qualified by examination.

All ICB bookkeepers are regulated by ICB.

All ICB bookkeepers are required to adhere to rules of professional conduct.