Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services

. . . More than just bookkeeping


Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services is a small accountancy service practice run by myself, Vincent Causey MICB, CB.Dip, a certified bookkeeper,


from my home in Wingerworth, Chesterfield.  This helps to keep overheads down, a benefit that clients enjoy in the form of highly competitive rates.

Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services provides an easy way to outsource your bookkeeping, and this should save you time and money.

Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services also provides year-end accounts and VAT returns all inclusive with the monthly bookkeeping fee.  I am happy to prepare financial accounts from your own records too, at a fee which I am sure you will be very pleased with.

Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services carries mandatory professional indemnity insurance with Trafalgar.

Vincent Causey BSc, MICB, CB.Dip, Certified Bookkeeper

I left the Polytechnic of Central London (now the University of Westminster) with a BSc in 1977, and like most young people, with little real idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  After starting (and quitting) a training contract in Chartered Accountancy, I embarked on a career in IT - or Automatic Data Processing as it was called in those days.

Vincent Causey, Certified Bookkeeper

It was a very diverse and challenging career, where I have worked in both the US and UK, carrying out mainframe software development for both the government and companies such as Avon, Experian, Capital One, Tesco, BHS and many others.  From 1992 until 2009 I provided services as a freelance contractor, a role for which the axiom "you are only as good as your lost job" very much applies.  From this, I gained experience in Systems Analysis and Data Flow as well as programming, and of course, keeping the client happy has always been crucial.

Being that mainframe IT development is a dying industry in the UK, and

deciding to reinvent myself, I began training under the AAT (association of accounting technicians) and completed levels 2, 3 and 4 by 2011.  This was a very broad based accountancy training program that included all aspects of double entry bookkeeping, VAT returns, financial reporting, cost accounting, external auditing and business taxation, as well as completing a project on internal control in accounting systems.

After completing all the AAT training, I decided that I would be better served by the ICB (institute of certified bookkeepers), and based on my qualifications, sat a tough entrance exam on advanced bookkeeping,

which I am happy to say I passed with the required 100%.  As an ICB

member, I applied for and obtained a practice licence and started Chesterfield Bookkeeping Services.

That though, is the past and the future is yet to be written.  I hope from what you have seen, you might feel that the services I can offer could be of benefit to your business.

I am married with 3 children, and am a parish councillor with Wingerworth Parish Council.